Poul Lemasters is an attorney and a funeral director. The combination of law and industry experience creates a solid foundation for assisting others. However, Lemasters Consulting offers even more because we remain active and very involved in the industry. In a constantly evolving field you and your business need a resource that is part of the change and current with the laws and the trends.

Poul is also the publisher of Parliament, a quarterly publication covering the deathcare profession.

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Poul Lemasters began as a Funeral Director. He attended the Cincinnati College of Mortuary Science and then completed a funeral director and embalmer’s apprenticeship. After becoming a licensed funeral director and embalmer, Poul went on to work at a local, family owned funeral home. He continued as a funeral director/embalmer and worked at several funeral homes ranging from family-owned to corporate-owned; from working as a staff of one to managing a staff of many. After ten years in the funeral home arena, Poul began his pursuit of a law degree.
While working as a full-time funeral director, Poul attended the Salmon P. Chase College of Law at night. After a short 3 1/2 years of night school, and passing the bar exam, Poul became an attorney.
Poul switched gears and started working as a defense litigator with the ultimate pursuit of combining the fields of funeral and law. The opportunity to combine his funeral and law background presented itself when Poul was asked to join the Alderwoods Group and serve as in-house counsel. Poul joined Alderwoods and handled various matters and issues for Cemeteries, Crematories, Funeral Homes and Insurance Companies across the United States. Issues included: state and federal regulatory compliance, form management, employee matters, contract claims, customer dispute, and litigation.
After successfully combining both a legal and funeral background, Poul made another move to join Rosenacker & Associates. While at Rosenacker & Associates, Poul continued to serve Funeral Industry Professionals by providing both legal and business management consulting. Poul also pursued an increased knowledge in the funeral industry and better understanding of current trends affecting the industry.

It is a combination of experience, knowledge, and involvement that makes Lemasters Consulting a great resource for your business and the right choice to help you.

Poul remains involved and active in the funeral industry. He serves as the cremation counsel and GPL compliance provider for members of the International Cemetery, Cremation and Funeral Association (ICCFA). Poul also serves as a Cremation Coach for ICCFA members and answers questions affecting those who work in the cremation field. Poul has written on various issues including articles on:

  • Insurance Needs for Funeral Businesses
  • Pre-Need Due Diligence
  • Cremation Best Practices
  • Policy & Procedure Manuals for Deathcare Providers

Poul also speaks to State and National Associations on various topics including:

  • Cremation Liability
  • Collecting & Prevention Your Accounts Receivable
  • Pre-Need Laws and Regulations
  • Funeral Technology and the Laws that Control
  • Cemetery Liability
  • Embalming Liability

Poul is often utilized as an expert source both in and out of the courtroom. Poul has been quoted as an expert source in a number of publications and venues over the years, from full-length documentaries to sources like CNN. Below is a selected list.

Sleeping with the (gold)fishes: NY Pet Cemeteries to Accept Pet Owner Remains CNN 19 June 2014


Lemasters Consulting Holds 6th Annual Coat Drive FSX Funeral Service Extra from KatesBoylston Publications 7 November 2014


Poul is a regular speaker for a number of deathcare associations and organization. Below is a selected list of upcoming speaking engagements and a selected list of past events.

>>> 2014

Oct 28  | National Hospice and Palliative Care | Nashville, TN

Ask most consumers and they agree–cremation is a quick, simple and easy option. However, cremation is the one of the most regulated areas of the deathcare profession. Families choosing cremation and not properly understanding the process can run into huge problems. This session will help caregivers acquire the knowledge to help better inform families, ultimately helping families heal and get through the process rather than setting them up for failure and adding to their grief.

Learning Objectives:
• Identify the laws that regulate cremation in their specific area (state) and how they are interpreted
• Explain common cremation issues to families to help them plan
• Prepare a proper information program for patients that focuses on objective information about cremation

October 28-29 | OFDA, CANA & ICCFA Cremation Training | Columbus, Ohio
TOPIC: Cremation Arranger Liability

November 6-7 | CANA & ICCFA Program | Phoenix, AZ
TOPIC: Cremation Arranger Liability

November 8-9 | ISVMA-IL | Chicago, IL
TOPIC: 3 programs – Pet Cremation Due Diligence; Recent Pet Events; Cremation Liability with Pets

November 13 | ODFA Masters Training Program | Cuyahoga Falls, OH
TOPIC: The Laws of Funeral Profession in Ohio – Including the Revised Code; Regulations; and the FTC

>>> 2015

January 15, 1:45-2:30pm | ICCFA – Wide World of Sales | Las Vegas, NV
TOPIC – Cremation Paperwork & Forms As Sales Tools.  No Really!

February 13-15 | NCBVA Annual Meeting | St. Petersburg, FL

March 23-27 | OACFP Cremation Training | Ontario, Canada
Topic: Cremation Liability and Panel Discussion

April 8-11 | ICCFA Annual Convention
Topic TBD

May 13 | IFDA | Ames, IL
Topics TBD

June 1-4 | Texas Funeral Director Convention | Arlington, TX
Topics TBD

September 30- October 2 | ICCFA Fall Management Convention | Tuscon, AZ
Topics TBD