Proactive Prevention. Reactive Counseling.

Lemasters Consulting provides proactive prevention and reactive counseling through education and support for the deathcare profession.

Educational resources published by Lemasters Consulting include whitepapers, a yearly industry-wide survey, Parliament (a complimentary quarterly journal), speaking engagements and presentations.

Support services offered through Lemasters Consulting include individual counsel, advice, training, expert witness, licensing, form and contract review and compliance, forms, valuations, policies and procedures, operational audits and buy/sell.

Who uses Lemasters Consulting? Anyone and everyone in the deathcare industry including:

  • Cemeteries and Cemeterians
  • Crematories and Crematory Operators
  • Funeral Homes and Funeral Directors
  • Pre-Need Companies and Pre-Need Providers
  • Managers and Apprentices
  • Owners and Employees
  • State Associations and its Members
  • National Associations and Members

Services Lemasters Consulting Provides

  • Regulatory Response
  • Licensing
  • Pre-Need Due Diligence
  • GPL Reviews
  • Complaint Resolution

  • Employee Policy/Procedure Manuals
  • Cremation Procedure Manuals
  • Operational Audit
  • Insurance Audits
  • Form Management

  • Funeral Home Valuations
  • Cemetery Valuations
  • Transaction Planning
  • Negotiating
  • Post-Closing Set-Up

  • Contract Disputes
  • Cremation Lawsuits
  • Next of Kin Disputes
  • Customer Complaints
  • Expert Witness

The deathcare profession is a great and vast arena. The businesses and those in it are many; you need trusted, reliable guidance in times of need and in times of preparation. Let Lemasters Consulting be the one who helps your business.